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“The World of GoldenEye” book by Nicolás Suszczyk to be released on June 8

For the 90s generation of James Bond fans, GoldenEye was the first point of contact with the world of agent 007 upon its release in 1995. Freelance writer and Bond fan Nicolás Suszczyk has now dedicated his first book to the 17th film of the franchise as well as its impact on popular culture.


THE WORLD OF GOLDENEYE – A Comprehensive Study On The Seventeenth James Bond Film And Its Legacy

GoldenEye was much more than the debut of Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond. It was the film that saved the series after facing six years of uncertain future, and the title is now also a popular legend among gamers thanks to the huge success of the Nintendo 64 video game adaptation.

On the eve of its 25th anniversary in 2020, this book offers a comprehensive analysis on one of the best Bond films ever released and the impact on popular culture that brought a new generation of Bond fans, in a craze that was very reminiscent to the waves of Bondmania in the 1960s. The creative process behind the film, the emergence of a relatively unknown international cast, and the influence of the Cold War in the story are just some of the themes this comprehensive analysis of the 1995 film will address to prove that GoldenEye is, many times, an overlooked classic.

The book is set to be released on June 8, 2019, by Amazon Publishing, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Pierce Brosnan’s announcement as James Bond. Print and ebook versions will be available.

The Bond Bulletin is very happy to provide you with an exclusive excerpt from Suszczyk’s upcoming book, taken from a chapter dedicated to GoldenEye and the Cold War.

[su_quote]The sense of an anachronism does not extend only to General Ourumov but to James Bond himself. They both belong to the old world order where armies or spies fought each other for ideologies and patriotism. “Are you still working for MI6, or have you decided to join the 21st century?” scoffs ex KGB agent Valentin Zukovsky when his former enemy, Bond, pays him a visit in order to set up a meeting with Janus. Much like Ourumov, Zukovsky was another knight of Mother Russia who has now joined the dark side as an arms dealer and the direct competitor to Janus in that illegal business. Characters like Zukovsky and Trevelyan contrast with Bond’s patriotism and devotion for Queen and Country: an old-fashioned feeling, an antiquated idea shared by a military man like Ourumov, but his ambition for power (“He sees himself as the new Iron Man of Russia”, M comments) has made him shake his hands with the Devil, or in this case, the Janus Syndicate.[/su_quote]


Nicolás Suszczyk

Nicolás Suszczyk has been a James Bond fan since the day he first watched GoldenEye, aged 7, in his native Buenos Aires. A freelance writer, he has contributed for many Bond and movie related web sites and publications like MI6 Confidential and Le Bond, of the French 007 Fan Club. Our recent interview with him can be found here.

In 2011, he founded The GoldenEye Dossier, a tribute for his favourite James Bond film, which is set for a major update in 2020. He also manages Bond En Argentina, a site dedicated to the releases of Ian Fleming’s fictional hero in his country, and co-admins The Secret Agent Lair, a blog dedicated to the fictional spies of cinema and literature, with Jack Walter Christian. The World of GoldenEye is his first book.

The Bond Bulletin is very much looking forward to the release of the book and wishes Nicolás much success with the release.

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