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The Works of Sculptor Brian Muir

Thanks to my affiliated site The Goldeneye Dossier, I got directed to the website of Brian Muir today

Brian Muir is a sculptor who has been working in the film industry since 1968. He served a 4 year  apprenticeship at Associated British Picture Corporation – now known as Elstree Studios. He also owned and ran his own sculptural company – Elstree Design and Construction – for 10 years.
 Muir can be credited with some of the most amazing sculpture work on legendary films such as “Indiana Jones”, “Star Wars”, “Alien”, “Willow”, “Harry Potter” or “Sleepy Hollow”. He also worked on 8 Bond films between 1977 and 2012 which you will now see below.

The Spy Who Loved Me


 Fountain in Strombergs “Atlantis” – Final Film & Sculpture in Clay Stage
 The 8ft Tiger Shark that is used to eliminate Strombergs assistant was also modelled by Muir in Clay


For Your Eyes Only


Muir designed the enigmatic Ice Hockey masks




Ornate Indian archway above Octopussy’s bed 
 Ornate caps and bases for Fluted Columns
Gorilla Mask
Pineapple that Bond shoots to save his …

A View To A Kill


 Underside of Zorin Airship (carved in polystyrene ) on lot at Pinewood Studios
 Rock face carved in polystrene




Tomorrow Never Dies


Dragon Panel carved in polystyrene and coated ready for painting
 Finished 13ft Dragon Panel

Die Another Day


 Ice Bar
A variety of textured ice panels sculpted in clay – moulded and cast in plaster
Ice Jet (Dragster) carved in polystyrene (including windshield) moulded and cast in fibreglass
Swan Bed carved in polystyrene – moulded and cast in clear resin



Lion sculpted in clay – moulded and cast in plaster and painted to a bronze finish
To see more or Muirs work, visit his Official Website

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