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SPECTRE: Good Evening James or Ciao Bello? More insights into the Nighttime shoot [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

Daniel Craig must have certainly had a full day yesterday filming the new Bond film ‘SPECTRE’ in London – first on the River Thames, then in Notting Hill. But given that Sam Mendes and his cast only have seven months of shooting, days could get longer.

Judging by earlier newspaper reports and this new report from the Daily Mail, the scenes filmed could be taking place in Bond´s appartment in which he appears in a dressing gown looking onto the street. Scenes with Naomie Harris (reprising her role as Miss Moneypenny) were also filmed in the neighbouring street in freezing cold temperatures.

Wondering about what this scene could be about, I cannot help thinking of ‘LIVE AND LET DIE’ (1973) in which Bond is visited in his home by his superior “M” together with “Moneypenny”. Back then, he had an Italian girl in his bed who quickly went to hide in Bond´s wardrobe but was noticed by Moneypenny.
The scene finished with Moneypenny saying: “Goodbye James…or should I say, Ciao Bello?”

Given Sam Mendes is a big fan of ‘LIVE AND LET DIE’, I could imagine something of a tribute to the above mentioned scene. However, the photos from yesterdays filming don´t feature “M”.

You can see the full set of photos HERE

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