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SPECTRE Blu-Ray Review

With just a few weeks until the Blu-Ray release of “Spectre” will hit shelves in the UK & US, let’s have a look at what the much anticipated home video release of the latest Bond film holds in store for fans and film buffs.

blu-rayAgreed, the latest Bond film might not have been as much of a box office smash as its predecessor “Skyfall” in 2012 but it surely provided us with tons of action, fun and masterful cinematography. Not even four months after its glamorous World Premiere in London, “Spectre” will be released to DVD and Blu-Ray in the US on 09 February, followed by a UK release on 22 February. 

First details about the DVD & Blu-Ray contents had been revealed on 05 January, immediately sparking some frustration among fans about the lack of high-quality Bonus Features that had been so incredibly popular on the James Bond Ultimate Edition releases.

So what can you expect when buying your copy of “Spectre”? Here’s a breakdown of the standard Blu-Ray that awaits to be placed into your treasured 007 collection:


Rarely has a Bond film looked so refined and artistic as “Spectre”. The decision of the filmmakers to shoot the latest Bond extravaganza on 35mm Kodak film (apart from the opening sequence in Mexico City) really paid off. More texture, beautiful tones and lighting recreate the feeling of older films of the series and presented us with one of the moodiest screen adventures of agent 007 to date. 

Despite being slightly opaque, the 1080p MPEG-4 AVC video stream of the Blu-Ray delivers a sharp picture quality, clear and detailed without blurry edges. Many fine details that might have escaped your attention in the cinema are now clear to see. It’s a joy to watch on any big screen – whether you have a beamer and screen or a large TV.




A clear but powerful sound is essential for home video enthusiasts, especially when you’re watching a classy Bond film. Whether you’re a film buff with beamer and surround sound system or watch “Spectre” on a regular TV, the sound is crisp and powerful where it needs to be and sucks you right into the action. Dialogue scenes however appear a little too quiet but that can be a result of individual sound system settings of the device you’re playing the film on.

The “Spectre” Blu-Ray comes with a 7.1 channel DTS Master Audio as well as AC3 5.1 surround sound.


The James Bond films are of such high excellence that glimpses into the making of a 007 blockbuster are a true delight for fans. Like the previous two Daniel Craig Bond films, the “Spectre” Blu-Ray sadly offers only a meager selection of Bonus Features and definitely leaves you longing for more.

Title Screen

A 20 minute documentary entitled “Bond’s Biggest Opening Sequence” will take you behind the scenes of the filming in Mexico City where the production team around director Sam Mendes painstakingly recreated the traditional Day of the Dead parade. Among interviews with production designer Dennis Gassner, costume designer Jany Temime, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson as well as stunt coordinator Gary Powell and helicopter stuntpilot Chuck Aaron, you are witness to the incredible effort made on location dressing 1500 extras in specially crafted costumes and individual make-up as well as realising one of the most exciting and challenging stunt sequences in recent years.


Also included on the Blu-Ray are the six videoblogs which were released via YouTube and other Social Media during filming as well as the official Teaser & two Theatrical trailers.

Sadly, the 35 minutes of Bonus Features leave a lot to be desired for the hardcore Bond fan and only the 20 minute documentary on the spectacular opening sequence will offer some new and amazing insights into the making of “Spectre” – well, at least into a part of it. A seperate Bonus Disc would have been desirable but since the previous two Craig Bonds didn’t have much to offer in the Bonus department, the hopes for “Spectre” were accordingly low.

For those who desire more bonus content, there will supposedly be a 2-disc steelbook release with over 40 minutes of additional behind the scenes featurettes.

To pre-order your copy of “Spectre”, head over to or


  1. Clément Clément January 21, 2016

    Thanks, great review, concerning the photo gallerie, is the same pics we have already seen or they are some unseen pics ?

    • Benjamin Lind Benjamin Lind Post author | January 21, 2016

      Not really, at least I have seen them all before somewhere.

      • Clément Clément January 21, 2016

        M’okay, thanks for the reply.

  2. Billy Milby Billy Milby January 26, 2016

    Is there a commentary track?

    • Benjamin Lind Benjamin Lind Post author | January 26, 2016

      No, sadly there is no commentary track featured on the Blu-Ray

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