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SPECTRE: A location worthy of 007 – The “IceQ” Restaurant in Soelden

It is truly a magnificent sight, absolutely worthy of agent 007 and the new film ‘SPECTRE’: the “IceQ” restaurant at the summit of the Gaislachkogl. But what makes this place so special and why does it fit so perfectly into the incredible list of iconic locations in the world of James Bond?

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In the long history of the Bond franchise, we find many iconic locations that have defined both look and feel of a film and the image above instantly reminds Bond buffs of ‘ON HER MAJESTY´S SECRET SERVICE’ and villain Blofelds alpine lair on Piz Gloria in Switzerland. But while Piz Gloria can be regarded as more of a classic – not less spectacular – building, the “IceQ” restaurant stuns with a modern glass facade which looks almost transparent and integrates perfectly into the surroundings of the Gaislachkogel in no less than 3048 meters above sea level.

After a construction time of six months, the “IceQ” – designed by the renowned Obermoser architect’s office – was opened in December 2013 on the number one ski mountain in the Soelden area and is directly connected to the futuristic Gaislachkogl mountain gondola. Beside a rooftop terrace that provides a remarkable panoramic view, the restaurant also features a suspension bridge leading to Gaislachkogl peak. Altogether a breathtaking place right amidst the majestic Alps. Beside the restaurant, guests are invited to relax in the IceQ-Lounge that provides top service and features the 100 m² terrace. The Lounge is open daily from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

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The restaurant is run by Restaurant manager Valentino Schwarz and Head chief Patrick Schnedl who welcome guests to ultimate gourmet pleasures in a stylish athmosphere, serving lunchtime dishes from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm. The kitchen centers on fine “Alpine Cuisine” and accompanying wine specialties for real gourmands. Among the highlights ranks a special “PINO 3000” – a cuvee wine of three different grapes and countries – stored in barrels on Gaislachkogl peak’s wine cellar! Every Wednesday, from 28 Jan through 01 Apr 2015, the restaurant offers a special summit dinner with unique menus and mouth-watering delights accompanied with top-class music and a selection of fine wines from Austria and abroad.

The IceQ will be closed from January 01st – 20th for filming and the staff is very much looking forward to it and everyone is happy that cast & crew of ‘SPECTRE’ will be visiting Soelden and the summit restaurant.  One thing is certain: James Bond will definitely leave its mark on the “IceQ” and attract many visitors from across the globe, joining the impressive list of iconic 007 locations.


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