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Ski run recreates classic 007 scene

SKIERS can replay a classic scene from a James Bond film as a Pyrénées ski resort has created its own 007 ski run on the very site where the opening sequence of Tomorrow Never Dies was filmed.

Filming in Peyragudes, France
Filming in Peyragudes, France

The scene where Bond single-handedly destroys a so-called Russian arms base in the Himalayas – in reality filmed in the mountains high above Peyragudes – is a Pierce Brosnan Bond classic.

Coolly stealing a fighter to fly out just ahead of a cruise missile strike, Bond ‘force-ejects’ his murderous co-pilot right into a pursuing jet. Ka-boom – and the classic line “Back-seat driver!”

Peyragudes was chosen for the 1997 film 20 years ago because of the snow-covered mountains, the perpetual blue sky and the fact that it has the only runway in the Pyrénées – helping create the stunning Bond spectacle.

This season Peyragudes has created the scenic 007 run from the high chairlift at 1,967m for just under 2.8km to 1,600m and ending at the height of the mountain runway that Bond used.

As a blue run it can be used by all levels of skiers and it allows Peyragudes to cut down on bus transport and emissions as skiers can now ski from all runs to their accommodation.

Bond-themed events included open-air screenings of Tomorrow Never Dies will be run throughout the season and clients born in 1997 get special benefits. Plus there is no reason why Bond fans should not ski the 007 run in dinner jackets and black ties…

Source: Connexion France

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