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Sir Roger Moore dazzles on Italian TV

Sir Roger Moore dazzled audiences with a rare TV appearance in Italy, looking fit as a fiddle while charmingly speaking about his time as James Bond and demonstrating his impressive language skills.

It is not often that we see Sir Roger Moore on TV these days but when we do, it is always a pleasure to witness the 88 year old actor being fit as a fiddle and still happy to speak about his experiences with James Bond – a role he occupied for no less than 12 years in a total of seven films. In yesterdays episode of popular Italian entertainment show “I migliori anni”, Moore not only demonstrated his impressive language skills to the initial surprise of host Carlo Conti but was also reunited with French actress Corinne Clery who co-starred alongside the actor in “Monnraker” (1979).

“I migliori anni” (English: “The Best Years”) is an Italian television variety show broadcast on Rai 1 since 2008. Named after the 1995 song “The Best Years of Our Lives” by Renato Zero, the show is considered as one of the highlights of Rai Uno, since it always gets excellent ratings for every episode reaching almost of 7-9 million viewers.

This recent interview once again shows, that Sir Roger is the definitive ambassador for Bond and will hopefully remain for many more years.

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