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Own a set of original SPECTRE props

SPECTRE numberplates up for auction

As we are all aware, original film props can often be hard to get! All the more reason to jump for joy when owners of those rare items decide to sell.

Such is now the case with a set of numberplates from “Spectre”. They were used on the Range Rovers in Sölden and Obertilliach where Bond chases Blofeld’s henchmen who have kidnapped Madeleine Swann. The two items are especially nice to have as they are a nice film mistake: The IL stands for Innsbrucker Land but the city crest in the middle is for the city of Vienna – both cities are over 400 kilometers apart! In real life, this numberplate can not exist.

The set of numberplates - Photo: Mike Saffrie
The set of numberplates – Photo: Mike Saffrie

As buying original props is naturally exciting, there is always the question of authenticity. Therefor, the seller has provided the back story on how the plates were acquired: On the 5/2/2014, the seller was asked to transport the Range Rovers and Land Rovers for the film “Spectre” out in Austria, because they had been let down by another company. The cars were already out there. We transported the cars to different locations in Austria. We drove to a place called Obertilliach, we moved the cars around from set to set during filming.

The film cars during transport - Photo: Mike Saffrie
The film cars during transport – Photo: Mike Saffrie

If there was damage to the cars, we took them back to the workshop, fixed them and then took them back to the set. After about 2 weeks of being on that location me and another driver took the damaged cars to the Pinewood Studios in The UK. We dropped them off and went back to another location called Solden also in Austria, where we did the same: taking the cars to various shoots. Unfortunately there was a serious accident with these cars, so they cut short the filming. It meant from the multiple cars that were supposed to be used for the shoot, only two remained for filming. Both, cause there were no spares, got seriously battered, hence the damage to the plates. We loaded the Range Rovers on my truck, they had to be sneered so people and the media couldn’t see them when we drove back to London.

We arrived at the Pinewood Studios 3 days later. Off loaded the cars and as they were damaged from the shoots, we were told they would be scraped, so I asked one off the guys if I could have the plates. It was my birthday on the 10/2/ while we were out there, so he said: “Help yourself!”, and that is how I came to own these plates – a late birthday present!

One of the Range Rovers with the numberplate - Photo: Mike Saffrie
One of the Range Rovers with the numberplate – Photo: Mike Saffrie

The current bid for the numberplates is at € 100 but the auctioneer expects them to fetch between € 2,000 – 3,000.

If you want to bid, head over to the auction site HERE

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