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Police operation triggered by 84-year-old 007 fan in Germany

As if the new James Bond film “No Time To Die” wasn’t already exciting enough: During a screening in Germany, a police operation took place in a cinema – triggered by a 84-year-old 007 fan.

“That was quite unusual,” commented Sascha Wentzke, director of the Cinestar in Fulda, Germany, on the amusing occurence in his cinema early Tuesday evening. While the screening of the new James Bond film was in full swing, four police officers and two employees of a senior citizen residence suddenly stepped into the entrance area – not to buy tickets, but for serious business: a 84-year-old resident hadn’t turned up for dinner at the residence located near the cinema and couldn’t be found anywhere else. Nursing staff then alerted the police.

The trail quickly led to the cinema, as a police spokesman said. Apparently the 84-year-old is a die-hard 007 fan. “The man had already come to see us four or five weeks ago to watch the new James Bond,” says Wentzke, “but the film wasn’t even screened back then.” Now the senior had made a fresh attempt to see the action blockbuster – successfully!

Once it became clear that the missing person was indeed sitting in one of the cinema seats, the relief was great. The relatives then agreed that the 84-year-old could finish watching the film. An employee of the cinema sat down next to the man during the showdown, reported cinema director Wentzke. There was even a refreshment: no martini, but a coca cola – neither shaken nor stirred.

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