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Upcoming Bond films to be released in 3-4 year cycle

James Bond will return…but when exactly? It is probably the most important question that weighs on the minds of Bond fans around the globe. MGM Studios might just have the answer, although it’s not pretty.

Downtime from Bond? The next 007 adventure might be 3-4 years away for actor Daniel Craig

In the 2015 MGM year-end stockholder conference call, which is available to listen online, chairman and CEO of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Gary Barber highlighted the latest Bond film ‘Spectre’ as a major franchise box office hit saying that “the franchise has never been stronger and plans for James Bond’s 25th film are under discussion with our partners at Danjaq.”

In conjunction with the question about MGM’s revenue in a Bond-year compared against a Non-Bond-Year, Barber gave his opinion on a 3-4 year cycle for the franchise.

Bond is the most valuable property that we have, and it’s been on a cycle of every three-to-four years, and I anticipate it will be on that same three-to-four year cycle.

Following his success in the mini-series ‘The Night Manager’, actor Tom Hiddleston was the latest addition to the ‘Who could play 007’ game

While putting the release of upcoming Bond films on a 3-4 year cycle would certainly mean waiting longer for 007 to return to cinemas but it also provides enough creative space for new Bond adventures to take shape and not repeat what the franchise has already presented us with. Even with an unfinished storyline of ‘Spectre’ that could largely supply the next film with a conclusion, Bond is once again at a crossroads. There has been talk of Daniel Craig leaving the role, several actors who could supposedly take over the part were pushed forward by the yellow press – none of which had any substance or credibility. For the fans, it feels like a never-ending rumour mill in which one news story is as laughable as the next and journalists lack the professionalism to seriously tackle the subject what directions the Bond series could take.

Asked about the ongoing partnership negotiations with Danjaq and SONY, MGM CEO Gary Barber didn’t want to go into too much detail but stated that “Bond is clearly one of the most valueable film franchises in the world and one in which every single studio is interested in. We have strong relationships with all our studios and we will continue to engage and have active conversations with many of them about the future. We are confident that we can draw significant value to the company and the franchise.”

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