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My excursion to the IceQ in Soelden ahead of the Bond Filmcrew

Over Christmas, during filming of my documentary “A Bond For Life” in Kitzbühel, Austria, me and my dear friend Alan went on a day trip to Soelden to pay a visit to the already famous IceQ summit restaurant which will be used in ‘SPECTRE’. After a 3 hour journey by train and bus, we reached the winter hotspot Soelden in perfect sunshine but – much like Kitzbühel – without snow in the valley.
The cable car took us up to 3040 meters, to the summit of Gaislachkogl

Immediately after reaching the summit and admiring the IceQ restaurant that stands directly in front of you when you exit the futuristic cable car station, I went up the snowy steps to the peak which is a further 8 meters in height. The air was thinner and I was a bit out of breath when I filmed my narrations for the documentary, looking over the beautiful Ötztal Alps. Being on the peak, feeling the icy wind and overlooking the impressive mountain ranges makes you really feel the power and force of nature.

After filming on the summit, we enjoyed the panorama view from the large terrace that sits on top of the IceQ restaurant before we went inside to treat ourselves to a glass of champagne on the very windy Lounge terrace. As soon as the terrace was empty, I quickly used the opportunity to film a narration and immediately felt very special to be up here before the Bond crew.

Back in the snow outside of the restaurant, I wanted to get some shots of this magnificent piece of architecture, carefully wriggling myself through the skiers.

Being in this extraordinary place and looking for camera angles automatically makes you think about the number of possibilities the Bond crew will have for filming ‘SPECTRE’. The slopes leading down from Gaislachkogl are amazing, the view is spectacular and the IceQ restaurant with its glass facade is probably the most exclusive and stylish place in the area.
After having spent almost two hours on the mountain, we took the cable car back to the valley and were lucky to find it completely empty as most visitors were skiers and used the slopes leading into the valley. Another perfect opportunity to film in a very spacious gondola which, as I understood, will also be used for filming ‘SPECTRE’.
The journey back to Kitzbühel took us over 4 hours and while leaving Soelden in a fully packed ski bus, I spotted a large area where inbetween the building where tents were being built and a security guy was on patrol around the premises. No time to take a snapshot unfortunately, but I am pretty certain that the Bond crew was setting up shop.
Beside this day trip to Soelden, I spent four more days in Austria in which I used every possible minute for filming – including a skiing sequence which was not only very exhausting to film but also slightly dangerous when you´re on skis with the camera in hand. All in all, the footage is stunning and on the final day of our trip, Kitzbühel was blessed with the much anticipated snow.

Although I will not give too much away from the filmed material, here is a still from one of the scenes shot on the Kitzbüheler Horn in 2000m height.

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