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GOLDFINGER Screening in Braunschweig – A glamorous Anniversary Event

Three days after the 50th anniversary of the third James Bond thriller “GOLDFINGER”, Bond expert and author Danny Morgenstern once again invited Bond and film fans to the C1 Cinema in Braunschweig, Germany, to celebrate a glamorous evening with style and quite a few of his usual surprises.
C1 Cinema Poster
 Before the event, I welcomed Bond Fans and members of the James Bond Club Germany from all over the country to my hometown and showed them a bit of this wonderful, medieval city I live in. We had a wonderful afternoon meal and were ready for a truly golden event.
 Preparations had begun long before the actual event with a very precise timetable and a few last-minute arrangements.
Before the doors were opened for all the guests who had arrived in proper evening attire, two Models had been carefully painted in gold and brought onto the stage, Martinis had been prepared at the bar and final rehearsals took place in the cinema hall.

The golden girls on stage / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
I had prepared a special GOLDFINGER Slideshow at the last minute with a few rather unknown Behind the Scenes photos of the film and although bringing something like this onto the screens is technically a little challenge, the technical department of the cinema made it happen in time and it was great to have a bit of eye candy while sipping Martinis.
Slideshow / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Upon entering the cinema hall, guests were presented with specially prepared, golden marzipan fingers – just like at the world premiere of GOLDFINGER in 1964. A great idea that had taken a lot of craftsmanship.
Danny Morgenstern, appropriately dressed in a golden suit no less, opened the event together with cinema owner Frank Oppermann in front of a sold out cinema hall. He told the audience, that no Bond event in Braunschweig had sold tickets as fast as this one.
Frank Oppermann (left) and Danny Morgenstern / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
While speaking about the various elements that make a Bond film so iconic, Danny asked the audience to hum the first notes of the legendary “James Bond Theme” to which, all of a sudden, young musicians that had been carefully placed within the people started playing the tune with a violin, cello, oboe, flute and trumpet. It was an unusual surprise and tricky to perform.
The James Bond theme played live / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
It got even more unusual when it was time for Dannys lecture in which he spoke about James Bonds testicles and how many times they had been either in danger or seriously hurt. This was strikingly demonstrated in a very amusing montage. After having researched the topic in great detail and talking to a specialist at the Berlin Charité Hospital, it was established that Bond would have already been impotent after the first few films.
Nikki van der Zyl and Danny Morgenstern / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
A special guest star had flown in from London again: actress Nikki van der Zyl, who had revoiced many of the Bond girls from DR. NO to MOONRAKER and had also acted as Gert Frobes voice coach on the set of GOLDFINGER. Together with Wolfgang Thürauf, Vice president of the James Bond Club Germany and Club Treasurer Peter Büttner, I had the honourable task to present Nikki van der Zyl with an Honorary Membership in our Club, making her the very first Honorary Member. Nikki was very surprised but also deeply honored and thankful. Our mission was a complete success, since Nikki has provided a very valuable contribution to the James Bond film series and had never gotten the recognition she deserves.
Vice President Wolfgang Thürauf (left), me and Nikki van der Zyl / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
The Honorary Membership Certificate as presented to Nikki van der Zyl / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Wolfgang Thürauf (left), Nikki van der Zyl and me / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Peter Büttner (left), Wolfgang Thürauf (middle), Nikki van der Zyl and me / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Peter Büttner (left), Nikki van der Zyl, Wolfgang Thürauf and me / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
After the screening of GOLDFINGER, guests enjoyed themselves and their drinks in the first floor foyer while Nikki and Danny got ready to sign autographs and their books. Yesterday evening also marked the book launch of Danny Morgensterns much anticipated, 732 page strong James Bond encyclopedia “James Bond für Besserwisser” which is very hard to translate into English as “James Bond for Smart-Arses”. Writing the book had taken Danny over 7 years in which he had travelled to many countries and had spoken to a large number of experts and specialists.
Golden Gun (left) and Martini / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
At the other end of the foyer, the gold-painted girls had been positioned on a bed and guests were invited to take pictures with them in order to enter a contest to win a signed copy of Dannys new book. The entire floor was buzzing with people, camera flashes at every corner.
The golden girl posing for photographs / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Also on the program was a fashion show, presenting eveningwear for men as well as lingerie for women. Inbetween, the local band “BeJane” performed two James Bond Songs in lounge versions – “Goldfinger” and “Skyfall”.
Fashion Show / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Fashion Show / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
Fashion Show / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
When the evening slowly came to an end at around midnight, the James Bond Club members took group photos together with Danny and Nikki.
The James Bond Club members with Danny Morgenstern and Nikki van der Zyl / Photo Copyright: Benjamin Lind
This anniversary screening was really a golden celebration of the iconic 1964 James Bond film that cemented the standard for following films of the series and it was also a wonderful opportunity to honour Nikki van der Zyls remarkable contribution to the Bond franchise.
We all had a great time and will surely return for next years 

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