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Filming underway in Nittedal, Norway [Spoiler]

As cameras started to roll in the municipality of Nittedal in Norway on Monday, Bondfans across the globe were relieved that filming had finally begun. Norwegian media were successful in breaking the total secrecy surrounding the film set and take the first snaps of what could be a flashback scene in the yet untitled BOND 25.

A young girl in a multi-coloured padded coat is chased onto a frozen lake by a limping man wearing a mask that is reminiscent of The Phantom of the Opera. The camera rig, mounted on skids, is pushed backwards on the ice to capture the girls escape.


Seeing the video footage does somehow instantly remind you of the conversation between Madeleine Swann and James Bond aboard the train in Spectre.

“A man once came to our house to kill my father. He didn’t know I was upstairs, playing in my bedroom…or that papa kept a Beretta 9mm under the sink with the bleach.”

The application to the labor inspectorate for filming with a minor described the scene: “A child shoots an intruder. She is being hunted by another intruder and runs onto an ice-filled lake.” The identity of the child actress is unknown at this point.

With the secrecy surrounding the set and no press conference held for BOND 25 as of yet, we can only guess that what is being filmed in Norway is a possible flashback scene. It might well be the home invasion that Madeleine Swann described to Bond.

Production company Truenorth, responsible for handling the filming in Norway, has locked down the area, designating it as a temporary film set. For filming, the production company had been constructing a 16 x 12 meter house at the edge of the frozen lake. Additionally, production vehicles and equipment storage occupy an adjacent 400 m2 space.

As part of the incentive program, the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) had allocated 47 Million NOK (~ 6 Million US Dollar) in January to having BOND 25 in Norway.

Benjamin Lind

Author: Benjamin Lind

Benjamin Lind became a James Bond fan at the age of 15 and has since closely followed the production of every film since 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. Apart from writing about Bond, he is a founding member of the James Bond Club Germany and holds a position as advisor in its executive committee. In 2016, Lind released a charity documentary film entitled 'A Bond For Life - How James Bond changed my Life' in support of UNICEF.

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