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Exclusive video shows unused gadgets in SPECTRE

Gadgets have always been an important ingredient in the James Bond cocktail. In recent years, however, director Sam Mendes and his team have taken a significant step back from high-tech gadgetry to allow a more serious approach. In the latest Bond film “Spectre”, we can see a fully stuffed Q lab but most of us were only able to make out a few bits and pieces of ingenious equipment by the resourceful Quartermaster. Yahoo! Movies sheds some light on the unused gadgets hidden in the film in this exclusive video:

Although hardly any gadgets shown in the video are really noticeable for the audience, they are there and have been thought up by the creative team surrounding award-winning Production Designer Dennis Gassner. They are a nice reminder of how much detail work is put into any James Bond film by the highly skilled production teams. 

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