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Excellent choice, Mister Bond! – Introducing the Belvedere Vodka

vodka_PNG5828As previously reported, Belvedere Vodka will team up with agent 007s fine taste for the upcoming film ‘SPECTRE’.The two are a match made in heaven: the world´s best secret agent drinking the best polish vodka which has won several awards.

The distillery, Polmos Zyrardow, where Belvedere originates from was established in 1910 and continued producing vodka throughout two world wars and many European hardships. After the fall of communism, Polmos Zyrardow set out to create its own proprietary vodka and distinguish itself from other authentic Polish distilleries.

Belvedere Vodka is distilled from Dankowskie Rye, which is grown only in the Mazlovian planes of Western Poland and considered ideal for distillation due to its high starch content. The rye is blended with pure, proprietary Artesian well water and distilled four times in a process designed to balance purity while retaining character. This process adheres to over 600 years of vodka making tradition. In 2013, the ISC’s Vodka Masters awarded Belvedere Vodka the Grand Master for “consistency in excellence” in recognition of earning more awards than any brand since the Vodka Masters’ inception in 2009.

Belvedere will introduce two unique bottle designs especially for ‘SPECTRE’: the first one is an alternative take on their “Silver Saber” bottle on which the iconic James Bond Gunbarrel is prominently featured underneath the image of Belweder Palace in Warsaw after which the Vodka is named. On the back of the bottle, the official 007 logo has taken its place. The really striking feature of the design is that it lights up via a built-in LED system. “Q” – Branch would be proud! The Silver Saber bottles with special 007 design will be produced in large quantities, with “selective distribution”.

© Belvedere
© Belvedere

The second bottle presents itself in elegantly frosted glass and, in a very nice nod to Bond, shows the legendary MI6 Headquarters building instead of Belweder Palace and even adapts the green ink color preferred in MI6. This MI6 special edition will be limited to 100 bottles and not be available in local liquor stores. Some will be sold at charity auctions, while the rest will be gifted to some very special Bond fans – a very nice way of Belvedere to appreciate the fan community and for us a unique collectors item.

© Belvedere
© Belvedere
If you want to know more about the brand, their range of products and history of the company, please visit the Official Belvedere Vodka Website

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