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Early gameplay footage of ‘GoldenEye 25’ revealed

As previously reported in April this year, fans of the classic N64 shooter ‘GoldenEye’ can look forward to a PC port which is currently in the works for a 2022 release. The mastermind behind the much anticipated project is 3D game artist Ben Colclough from Kentucky, USA.

Almost half a year has passed since the exclusive reveal of the project here on The Bond Bulletin. Day by day and with a meticulous attention to detail, Ben has worked tirelessly on the level design, model rendering as well as implementing a dynamic music system together with Swiss composer Yannick Zenhäusern. Especially the latter was not an easy task to accomplish as the music has to adapt to different stages of the levels and intertwine with the actions of the player.

Dynamic music plan for Facility level – Photo: GoldenEye 25 Facebook

Yannick Zenhäusern, the man behind the music of ‘GoldenEye 25’ barely needs an introduction. His body of work includes a multi-layered array of Bond music, most notably the soundtrack to the popular ‘GoldenEye: Source‘ project and also my documentary film ‘A Bond For Life‘. In addition, he has scored many tribute clips, some of which have been featured at high-profile events like the opening of the Walk of Fame on Schilthorn, the ‘Bond Girls Are Forever’ event in Oslo or the Cineways Filmfestival in Braunschweig, Germany.

His healthy perfectionism in composing, masterfully recreates the sound of Eric Serra’s musical score for ‘GoldenEye’ while re-inventing it at the same time. Much thought has gone into the creative process that is supposed to blur the lines between movie and game. Many of the original in-game sounds have also been modified. While some have been recreated, others were updated and brought closer to their movie counterparts.

Aside from the music, there is a lot of complex detail work to be done continuously. Recent additions to the game are proper reloading and weapon switching with animations, bullet shell ejection as well as dry firing of weapons, breakable glass, design of keys and keycards and a new hand model for the PP7.

From the very beginning, the Facility level was the one that swallowed up most of the work and is thus the furthest developed. The very first gameplay demo video, posted here exclusively for the first time, shows the impressive progress the game has made since April. There are no enemy guards present as of yet, but you get a good feeling of the soundscapes, music and level design.

We will keep you informed about further development.

Benjamin Lind

Author: Benjamin Lind

Benjamin Lind became a James Bond fan at the age of 15 and has since closely followed the production of every film since 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. Apart from writing about Bond, he is a founding member of the James Bond Club Germany and holds a position as advisor in its executive committee. In 2016, Lind released a charity documentary film entitled 'A Bond For Life - How James Bond changed my Life' in support of UNICEF.

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