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Docu-drama ‘Becoming Bond’ premieres at SXSW festival

It was a rainy evening yesterday in Austin, Texas, as fans and film enthusiasts gathered at the Stateside Theatre to attend the World Premiere of the documentary feature film ‘Becoming Bond’ by Emmy Award-winning director Josh Greenbaum. The wild story of how model George Lazenby had landed the role of James Bond and later declined a seven picture deal takes center stage in the 92 minute film which the Austin chronicle called “an enjoyable ride”.

In its film review, the Austin chronicle states that “the documentary/dramatization hybrid largely works, though when a few well-known actors show up (Dana Carvey as Johnny Carson, Jane Seymour as Lazenby’s agent) it can distract. Josh Lawson plays the adult Lazenby with humor and believability (though the “real” Lazenby is a bit more macho)”. For most fans who have read and heard about Lazenby or even met the man himself, this does not at all come as a surprise. It is indeed hard to find an interview in which Lazenby does not endlessly go on about his countless sexual conquests and how women literally forced themselves on him. A recent interview with ‘The Daily Beast’ regarding ‘Becoming Bond’ is no exception. The saying “A gentleman never tells” surely does not apply to George Lazenby which says a lot about him.

George Lazenby (left), director Josh Greenbaum (center) and actor Josh Lawson

However your opinion about George Lazenby, the film is certainly worth to check out and premiering it at the SXSW Film Festival was surely a wonderful occassion for everyone. Celebrating raw innovation and emerging talent both behind and in front of the camera is the central idea behind the acclaimed Festival which is now in its 24th year.

‘Becoming Bond’ will premiere on streaming service HULU on May 20th.

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