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Daniel Craig Double from Germany

His Name is Dongmann – Reiner Dongmann. His looks are so similar to Daniel Craig that one wants to adress him with the proper words: „Bond – James Bond!“

Rainer Dongmann from Duisburg-Walsum could be mistaken for 007 actor Daniel Craig and is in great demand as a double. Not for the films, but for Gala-Partys. Or as a distraction for a new Bond flick whenever the crew wants to film in peace with the real actor. „With me there were 5000 people and just a few on the actual set“, he remembers.

Both work with high voltage: Daniel Craig by catching the almighty film villain, Reiner Dongmann as a high voltage electrician with a big company in Walsum. He trained and worked there for 25 years now, played soccer with Hamborn 07 and the SV Walsum, advancing all the way up to the national league. Married, two kids.
All normal so far. Until the day when Daniel Craig is announced as the new James Bond. „We were in the garden having a barbecue party“, Dongmann remembers. „There was an edition of the ,Bunte’. A friend said to her husband: ,That one looks just like Reiner!’.“


His familiar looks to the new 007 actor are recognized by even more people in the following weeks. And one sentence could be heard over and over again: „Hey look, he looks like James Bond!“ Work mates call him „James“ or „007“. Reiner Dongmann finally applies at the Mülheimer agency of  Jochen Florstedt, who represents famous doubles. Florstedt has 3 Bond actors on offer: beside Dongmann as Daniel Craig also a double for Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery.


Eight hours a day, always morning shift from 6am to 2.30pm, this is the daily routine of the likable Walsumer, who hasn´t lost touch with reality. When the requests start piling up like at the release of the new Bond „Skyfall“, Dongmann tries to combine job and hobby and only takes appointments at the weekend. But then, his family also wants a part of him. „Family comes first!“, says Dongmann.


When Dongmann is out and about as Daniel Craig, he´s always double equipped with tuxedo, white shirt and bow tie. „You have to be prepared for anything.“ You have to be prepared to suddenly appear on stage as a Craig Double beside Sharon Stone at an HIV Gala and that you can see yourself later in yourt hotel room television when reports about the event are shown. „You can´t really grasp and believe that yolu stood there just moments ago.“ Not in the name of her majesty, but in the name of the organizer he should succeed in getting onto the stage somehow.


In „95 per cent of all cases the reaction is positive“, so Dongmanns experience. Just like on a party that was done in the style of “Casino Royale”. „I was told to do anything. I remembered a scene from the film in which Bond puts his gun on the poker table.“ Said and done, resulting on “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhs”. Or applause when he walked to the bar and ordered a Vodka Martini, turns around and salutes the guests. „They all stood up“, Dongmann remembers, still surprised about the reaction.


He gets his own share of fun though: When the key of an Aston Martin is given to him and he can drive through the serpentines of the Swiss Alps. Or at a short staged car chase.

To dive into this world is OK for Dongmann once in a while. „But then its time to cool down again.“ Understanding for the stars that are constantly followed by Paparazzi? „It´s comprehensible.“ Particularly, when one just wants to buy a pair of beach slippers on vacation in Croatia and has to give autographs. Dongmann has still a very big wish: „I would really like to meet Daniel Craig face to face.“

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