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Bond vs. Bad – Jaguar C-X75 hypercar to be featured in SPECTRE

The Bond films have always been known to feature extraordinary, powerful and sometimes even funny vehicles. With the reveal of Bond´s new Aston Martin DB10 at the official ‘SPECTRE’ Press Event, fans were hyped as to what they can expect regarding spectatcular chase sequences to make good use of 007s new ride.

c-x75But now, Jaguar threw a hypercar in the mix that could really make life hard for James Bond and his trusted Aston: The C-X75, quite a beautiful monster, is rumoured to be a villain car in ‘SPECTRE’.

Jaguar is no new addition to the Bond franchise, the first encounter happened between Bonds silver Aston Martin Vanquish and villain Zao´s green Jaguar XKR in ‘DIE ANOTHER DAY’ (2002). For ‘CASINO ROYALE’ (2006) and ‘QUANTUM OF SOLACE’ (2008), Jaguar provided the XJ8 as a luxury vehicle used by Mr. White as well as villains Le Chiffre and Dominic Greene. The last collaboration with Jaguar for ‘SKYFALL’ saw the good side use the brand for a change as “M” uses the Jaguar XJ (X351) as her official car.

The design of the C-X75 thoroughbred is equally an eyecatcher as well as a jawdropper – sleek body with clear lines, a racing front and a fiercely aggressive rear end.

In terms of performance, Jaguar envisioned a goal of their future super car reaching 330 km/h (205 mph) and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 3.4 seconds and 80 to 145 km/h (50 to 90 mph) in 2.3 seconds. It is powered by four 145 kW (194 hp) electric motors – one for each wheel – which produce 780 hp (582 kW) and a total torque output of 1,600 N·m (1,180 lbf·ft). Inherent in the drivetrain is the ability to independently vector torque to each wheel across the full speed range. Each motor weighs 50 kilograms (110 lb). The micro gas turbines from Bladon Jets generate enough electricity to extend the range of the car to 900 km (559 mi) while producing 28 grams of CO2 per kilometre on the EU test cycle. While running solely on battery power, the C-X75 has an all-electric range of 110 km (68 mi).


With these impressions absorbed, what can this supercar bring to the new Bond film ‘SPECTRE’? It is certainly a car destined to be in a high-octane chase with secret agent 007 and given the locations mentioned by Sam Mendes at the Press Event on December 4th, there is a variety of places to choose from. Judging by earlier reports by the Italian Press, there will be a car chase in Rome which could indeed be a perfect battleground for two sophisticated cars. The Eternal City, with its historic streets and landmarks, would serve as a wonderful contrast to the modern and powerful cars presented in the film. Let´s just hope, the Bond crew doesn´t wreck either of them too much 🙂

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