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BOND 25: Bell museum helicopter on its way to the UK [VIDEO]

Helicopter bought by special effects company for Bond 25 is transported to UK from Wernigerode, Germany

Panorame of the hangar in which the Bell UH-1D was lifted onto the trailer – Photo: Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

The helicopter story of last week caused a little stir in the Bond fan community. After almost no news for months and endless speculative reports about possible candidates for the role of 007, this was the first tangible piece of actual news. Agreed, the details about the purchase of the Bell UH-1D helicopter from the aviation museum in Wernigerode seemed questionable. Why buy a helicopter at such an early stage before there even is a new distributor for Bond, a finished script or director for the new film?

Answering this question isn’t easy. Maybe work on the upcoming James Bond film is far more progressed than we think or know. However, as soon as the helicopter story came up last week, it has been double and triple checked. Both the James Bond Club Germany and I have done some research and the aviation museum has explicitly confirmed several times, that the helicopter is indeed for Bond 25. It is still unclear how the helicopter is to be used in the film. Today, the Bell UH-1D was collected by the special effects company and is now on the road to the UK. The transport is handled by Neil Johnson Haulage Ltd., a private limited transport company.

The Bell UH-1D helicopter on 13 February 2017 ready for transport from the aviation museum in Wernigerode to the UK – Photo: Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

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The only evidence for the helicopter to be used in Bond 25 is the word of the museum. It was not an assumption, they were told. Nothing more, nothing less. Once more information becomes available, I will inform accordingly.

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Photo Copyright: Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

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