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Andrew Scott & Nikki van der Zyl on “The One Show”

My dear friend Nikki van der Zyl, famous for having done the post-synchronisation of many Bond Girls in 10 James Bond films between 1962 and 1979, appeared on BBC’s “The One Show” today alongside Andrew Scott who will be playing Max Denbigh in the upcoming ‘SPECTRE’. Scott was visibly surprised when he learnt that the voice of Ursula Andress on screen wasn´t her own but that of actress Nikki van der Zyl who is an honorary member of the German James Bond Club.

Aside from voicing the Bond Girls, German-born Nikki also served as a language coach for actor Gert Fröbe on the set of ‘GOLDFINGER’ in 1963. Fröbe didn´t speak English very well and since Nikki was fluent in both German and English, she could train him to sound more convincing. Sadly, Fröbe in his role as legendary villain Auric Goldfinger was himself revoiced later.

Also presented on the show was the very first extract from the new Bond film ‘SPECTRE’ in which Andrew Scott’s and Ralph Fiennes’ characters struggle to come to terms with each other as Denbigh reveals that the 00 section faces closure.

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