Throughout the process discussions were focused on how ‘near future’ technology could be as factually accurate as possible, balanced within the confines of the narrative.


Great concern was given to crafting a visual language, intelligent in design and functionality, where form followed function because ultimately the job was to support the dialogue, performance and action, within the context of the story that Sam Mendes is telling in SPECTRE.

Rushes crafted technology, UI systems and tools that expressed Q’s various 007 gadgets in digital form. Banks of monitors showed these schematics in Q’s lab.

An even greater number of screens were used in SPECTRE villain Oberhauser’s lair, to display various and complex analytical data infographics and adapted news footage.


Delivery of Rushes work required on set supervision, working closely with the art department, production designer Dennis Gassner, and digital playback supervisor Chris McBride.

Following the end of initial shooting, Rushes carried out additional post work on over 80 screens, including monitors, laptops and phones used throughout the film.

Rushes was also tasked with creation of the scene and locator cards.


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