Barbara Carrera and Corinne Cléry to attend Cineways Filmfestival in Germany

July 21, 2018

The women in James Bond films have not always had it easy. Since agent 007 appeared on screen for the first time in 1962, his numerous love interests have gone through significant changes over the following five decades. While, in the beginning, they were often exchangeable pleasures and victims of Bond’s openly lived sexism, they …

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Lego launches Aston Martin DB5

July 18, 2018

Children across the globe have been playing with Lego since 1932 which makes the Danish company with headquarters in Billund one of the oldest toy manufacturers around. While wooden toys were the starting point for the long success story, it was the change to plastic bricks in the 1960s that catapulted the brand to international …

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Bondfans celebrate 35 years of Octopussy with Maud Adams in Berlin

July 15, 2018

Berlin – former nest of spies and pawn in the hands of America and Russia during the cold war. Probably no other city in the world reflects the struggle for power, control and domination but also unity and diversity. When the James Bond production crew decided to set parts of the plot of ‘Octopussy’ in …

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Brosnan: “I was never good enough as Bond”

September 6, 2014

*** Abridged interview from The Telegraph *** As we are talking, a suave young Frenchman stops in front of our table. “James Bond,” he says. “In another life,” replies Brosnan, and shakes his hand. This is not an infrequent occurrence. Being Bond was like being “an ambassador to a small nation”, says Brosnan. “It’s the …

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Gottfried John Obituary

September 3, 2014

  He could emit danger, but also tenderness: Gottfried John, character, Fassbinder actor, James Bond villain and timid soul, succumbed to cancer at the age of 72. He had what is respectfully called a “mug” in fairgrounds and harbor dives, and a lot resonates with that. The knowledge, for example, that nothing was cradled to …

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Remembering Ian Fleming

August 12, 2014

Ian Fleming ~ May 28, 1908 – August, 12 1964 ~ The creator of James Bond was a heavy smoker and drinker throughout his adult life and suffered from heart disease. In 1961, aged 53, he suffered a heart attack and struggled to recuperate. On 11 August 1964, while staying at a hotel in Canterbury, …

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