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First ever James Bond fan documentary raises 2.500 Euro for UNICEF

After a 17 month filming period, the glamorous world premiere of the world’s first James Bond fan documentary in support of UNICEF took place in Braunschweig, Germany, on 12 March 2016.

james bond fan documentary

My 124 minute film entitled „A Bond For Life – How James Bond changed my Life“, had been conceived as a charity project since the beginning of filming. With my work, I didn’t want to earn money but make a significant contribution to UNICEF aid operations. Together with the UNICEF work group Braunschweig and its directress Birgit-Gabriela Pordzik, I decided to donate the proceeds from ticket sales and additional donations to the UNICEF aid operation in Syria.

Joined on stage by Bond-expert and author Danny Morgenstern, I presented my film in front of 88 guests in the C1 Cinema Braunschweig on 12 March 2016. I explained, how UNICEF provides help on the ground in Syria and how the donations will be used. Before the film screening, the auction of a magazine signed by the cast & crew of the latest Bond film „Spectre“ generated an additional 350,00 Euros within just two minutes. The net proceeds from ticket sales, which included a limited amount of VIP tickets for 25.00 Euros, amounted to a total of 1715.00 Euro.

james bond fan documentary
Foto: Christian Willenberg

VIP ticket holders had the pleasure to attend the exclusive After-Show-Party where they enjoyed an extravagant buffet, complimentary drinks as well as a look Behind the Scenes of the part autobiographical James Bond documentary. For a 2.00 Euro donation, I signed specially designed postcards with the poster of the film. The UNICEF donation box, of which guests made ample use, was always by my side and generated a total of 435.00 Euro. A second autograph auction brought in another 100.00 Euros. The glamorous party lasted to the small hours.

james bond fan documentary

After counting of the total proceeds from ticket sales and the donation box, the resulting final sum of 2.500 Euros was personally forwarded to the UNICEF work group Braunschweig by me on 21 March 2016.


5 stars

„One man, his amazing life and his passion – a film not easily forgotten!“

– Oliver Bayan, Frankfurt

5 stars

„The film is a very sustainable, biographical documentation that describes the multifaceted lifestyle of the director with wonderfully appropriate music and impressively beautiful images. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes with a smile, but always honest and authentic. “

– Peter Büttner, Mainz

5 stars

„A film with a very emotional mood. “

– Jörg Schenke, Hamburg

5 stars

„In this documentary, every genuine James Bond fan will find moments that reflect his or her life.“

– Klaus Gericke, Einbeck

5 stars

„A wonderfully emotional film. You immediately notice how much effort and energy the director has invested in this project.“

– Thorsten Göbel, Münster

5 stars

„A very personal story. Exciting, open and relentlessly honest.“

– Tim Hellwig, Hannover

To keep up to date with upcoming screenings of the documentary, Behind the Scenes footage and reactions, please visit the official Facebook page, YouTube Channel and IMDB page

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