Explore Q’s Lab from SPECTRE in 360°

q lab
The Aston Martin DB5 wrecked in Skyfall

A new interactive online experience gives you the opportunity to explore Q’s lab as seen in Spectre. By using the new technology of fully controllable 360° motion video, you can have a look around at all the various gadgets. Even those that have not been used or featured in the film, such as the Jaguar Boat, the Norton Motorbike or the various Aston Martin models.

q's lab
The Aston Martin DB5 wrecked in Skyfall

Behind each clickable area of interest, you will get access to either specifications of a gadget, photo galleries or Behind the Scenes video clips. As a special bonus, you will find a 3D glasses icon on the top right of your screen to switch the site into fullscreen 3D side-by-side mode.

You can find the interactive experience via http://spectre360.aintel.co.uk