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Footage of cancelled 007 videogame surfaces

Back in 2005, shortly after the release of the 007 video game ‘Everything or Nothing’, a new title was in development that was supposed to bring 007 back to consoles with the likeness of Pierce Brosnan. There had been no James Bond film since ‘Die Another Day’ in 2002 but as far as the developers were concerned, Brosnan was still James Bond.


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Spectre UI motion graphics by Rushes

All the on-set UI screen graphics for latest Bond flick, SPECTRE were created by Soho-based Rushes.

Over a 13 month period of working on the 24th 007 film, from pre-production through to post, in total Rushes created more than an hours’ worth of animations and motion graphic sequences that furnished over 300 screens, across 23 scenes in the f...

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