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BOND 25: Production acquires Bell helicopter in Germany [UPDATED]

The road to the next Bond film seems like a long one with no news for months. Today we can at least reveal a small piece of evidence that something seems to be in motion regarding the 25th film in the franchise.

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The story first appeared five days ago and was now picked up by German BILD newspaper: The Bond production has acquired a helicopter from the aviation museum in the German city of Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt. Since every news report concerning Bond 25 so far needed to be treated with a pinch of salt, this was one to enquire more thoroughly.

The museum confirmed to the James Bond Club Germany that a request for a Bell UHD-1D helicopter had indeed been made by the James Bond production company, that an agreement had been reached and that the military aircraft will be flown to London Heathrow shortly. The helicopter is to be used specifically in the next Bond film said the museum. German TV stations MDR and NDR will cover the story so further updates will become available soon.

A Bell UH-1D SAR helicopter of the 63rd Air Transport Wing (Lufttransportgeschwader 63) of the German Air Force. It is seen here during a rescue operation, landed on the intersection of Osterstraße and Heußweg in Hamburg, Germany – Photo: Sebastian Koppehel

Passionate pilot and museum owner Clemens Aulich is no stranger to requests from film companies. In 2014 he recreated the cockpit of a U2 spy plane for use in Steven Spielberg’s cold war thriller „Bridge of Spies“ and also advised the director during filming. Three aircraft of his collection, a Transall, a Russian Antonov and a Zlin, are currently featured on screen in the German comedy film „Kundschafter des Friedens“ with  Jürgen Prochnow and Michael Gwisdek.

The question of how this fits into the timeline of production for the new James Bond film remains unanswered as there are no further insights on how far preparations have progressed. As of yet, there is no confirmation about the new distributor for Bond or if Daniel Craig will reprise his role as agent 007.



09 February 2017

The official Facebook page of the aviation museum Wernigerode released the following statement:

“James Bond fever has broken out in the Harz. After we have even been recognized by the James Bond Club Germany, we are happy to confirm that we support the current production of the new spy thriller with one of our helicopters. The Bell UH-1D, purchased by a production company, can not be viewed as it is dismantled for transport, but we have another helicopter of this type which can be viewed in our hangar 3! We will, of course, keep you updated on what will happen with our helicopter.”

Still from the MDR video showing the Bell UH-1D helicopter being prepared for dismantling and transport – Photo: MDR

German TV station MDR has posted a video on its website covering what is known until now and saying the helicopter will NOT be returned to the museum after filming. The production company did not want to give details on how the helicopter would be used. Due to copyright restrictions, the video cannot be posted here with English subtitles, but you can watch it here (except if restricted for overseas visitors). 

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